Thursday, June 26, 2014

A microbiome modulating "drug" improves glycemic control in prediabetic adults

A company named Microbiome Therapeutics has just issued a press release on a microbiome modulating "drug" they have developed that improves glycemic control in prediabetics.  Interestingly enough, this drug is basically just a couple of different types of prebiotic fiber and some polyphenols.  I think it's great that the power of the microbiome, as well as the anecdotal evidence of quite a few people who have been messing around with resistant starch, is being looked at as a therapeutic way of improving something that affects so many people.  However, I am a little concerned with calling prebiotics drugs since they occur naturally in our food.  I've seen my blood glucose levels improve dramatically through diet and the use of a prebiotic supplement, I just don't now that I'm interested in having to go through a doctor with 5 minutes of nutrition training to get it.  Let's hope that we don't go don that path.  Check out the press release below.

If you are prediabetic and interested in something along a similar line, Biotagen by Klaire labs likely accomplishes the same thing.  Start with 1/4 of a scoop and slowly work up to 1-2 scoops a day to prevent flatulence.