Monday, September 9, 2013

No Deficiency Diet starts today...

Well, today marks the official first day of my No Deficiency Diet.  I have taken before pics and will be monitoring weight and body fat, but I don't suspect those numbers will change much.  What I expect to see is more functional changes such as better digestion, reduced appetite, and better sleep.  Below is a picture of what I will be eating throughout the week.

This is a much larger amount of food by volume than I am accustomed to eating so I expect the first couple of days to be hard.  I will post nutritional info for each day as well as subjective feelings such as energy levels, satiety, digestion, and I will post fitbit sleep data after each week.

In addition to the diet, I will continue to get at east 10,000 steps per day and will be strength training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Each strength training day will consist of 30 minutes of foam rolling, stretching and activation work followed by 20-30 minutes of total body strength training.  Each day will consist of three sets each of a push, pull, hip dominant, and knee dominant exercise as well as some core work as active recovery between sets.  Wednesday will be an active recovery day where I drop intensity and perform higher volume/rep work.

I will post updates on this little experiment next Monday and the Monday after that.  I also hope to upload a video of my foam rolling and stretching routine either next Wednesday or the one after that and will also post a couple of recipes so stay tuned.